IPFA International Conference 2017
2nd & 3rd September, Conference Lecture: Robert Tisserand, Essential Oil Safety – Avoiding Adverse Skin Reactions. Julia Graves, Flower Power – Using Essential Oils in Disaster Relief in Hiati. Angela Green: Aromatherapy in Cancer Care: Anxiety Management. Anita James: The Further Adventures of Smell Woman – Aromatherapy & Massage to support Emotionally & Behaviour-challenged Children.

Sunday Seminar: Robert Tisserand – Essential Oil Chemistry & Pharmacology – Beyond Functional Groups

Clinical Aromatherapy Upgrade to Level 4
August 2017, Upgrade to Clinical Aromatherapy Level 4

Diploma  In Naturopathic & Nutritional Therapy
November 2017 – June 2020, (CNM) College of Naturopathic Medicine

Medical Herbalist
September 2018 – June 2022, Heartwood – the (NIMH) National Institute of Medical Herbalists education fund.




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