Why Join Neal's Yard Remedies Organic?

Hello I’m Sue Adlam. Click the green button above for more information or to start your business/open a therapy account.

I’m proud to be a consultant for Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic and have personally used their products for a very long time.  Many people have asked me what are the benefit of joining so I put together this page of information to help with the decision making process. As a therapist it makes complete sense to have a range of products that you are happy to offer for sale to your clients and I could see the benefits for me in adding an extra revenue stream to my business as well as being able to buy my own products at a discounted price.

There is little to lose and everything to gain by joining and I will often advise not to overthink your decision! However, if you want to ask more questions, please do feel free to get in touch by whichever method you prefer: Click here to go to my webshop to find out what is in the current kit and register if you are ready.

Text or call: 07968 378948  Email: info@essenceakeso.co.uk Message me on my Facebook page.

What does NYR Organic Offer?

DO GOOD – Leading brand of over 35 years, using natural and organic ingredients which are free from harmful chemicals. We have never tested on animals and are dedicated to trading ethically and fairly.

FEEL GOOD – We campaign for great causes to protect our beautiful planet and we have a carbon-neutral footprint; treading carefully with our earth’s resources.

LOOK GOOD – We believe that inner health and outer beauty should be in perfect harmony.

An established direct selling method; promoting and demonstrating products through parties, workshops, get togethers, 1 to 1s, to use in treatments and to retail to clients if you’re a therapist. You also have your own online shop.

Earn 25% on all sales, with the opportunity to earn up to an additional 15% extra in bonuses.

Unlimited earning potential through the introduction of others and by building a team. Benefit from rewards and discounts too.

Free training, support and online resources.

Flexible working hours, flexible income and the chance to set your own targets.

Here’s a short video about the company and the opportunity:

You May be Wondering...

Q. How do I start?  A. Sign an agreement or register online with the Consultant who has introduced you and pay for your kit.

Q. What if I want to stop?  A. You can stay registered and just order your own products or email to resign with no further consequences.

Q. What will be expected of me? A. That you promote NYR Organic and the product positively and professionally and make use of the training and support available to you.

Q. What support can I expect?  A. Support every step of the way, starting with initial training, matching your commitment.

My Consultant Journey

I have been a consultant with NYR Organic (the direct selling channel of Neal’s Yard Remedies) since February 2012. I use all the products in my treatments and I have a range that I can trust and feel confident to recommend to my clients. When I joined I was training to be an aromatherapist and had no intention of doing anything other than using the products in my treatments, but people wanted to join me and I quickly realised that there was more to this than meets the eye.

I’ve embraced the business model and love to do pamper parties, workshops, events, fairs and all the other ways to share my therapy business as well as these products.  My clients are happy to use a product that is personally recommended. I’ve found that it has developed my business skills massively and the skills learned have been utilised in growing my client base and providing workshops and therapy “parties”.

I am currently studying naturopathy and herbal medicine and yet I can still keep this business going! This page provides information to those who are interested in finding out about the opportunity which you can access and read at our convenience.

Think you could do this?

A business as a consultant for Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic is versatile and flexible and suits individuals in all different kinds of ways – it is entirely up to you what you make of it.  There is no pressure,  no obligatory targets to achieve – you are simply encouraged and supported to make your business into whatever best suits your circumstances.

Here are a few reasons why people join:

  • Mothers who wish to stay at home with their children and earn some money with work that fits around their family life.
  • Individuals with an entrepreneurial desire to build a large business with a small initial investment.
  • People who are sociable or who wish to become more sociable.
  • Therapists who want to add an ethical, organic range of products to use in their treatments and sell to clients. They appreciate the opportunity to be able to promote their business not only for free, but earn some money in the process as they increase their client base.
  • Environmentally aware citizens wishing to promote a more sustainable and healthy way of living using organic products which are ethically produced.
  • New or existing Neal’s Yard Remedies customers who want to sell to friends and family.
  • People who work in large offices or who have an existing wide network. Regularly providing a brochure, a few samples to try, collecting orders and processing them as party orders to earn their own free shopping and some commission to boost their income.
  • Charitable fundraisers who want to raise some money for the charity they support.
  • Those who love being part of a campaigning brand that really is 100% ethical: see The Good Shopping Guide and a review of our Bee Lovely range here.
  • Existing business owners who would like to add a product to offer their existing customers that aligns with their values, ethics and vision for their company. An eco friendly cleaning company for example.
  • People who want to sell products that are truly sustainable in the supply chain: The 2015 winner of the innovation award in the supply chain category of the Guardian Sustainable Business Awards: Read about NYR ethics here.
  • Those who find they have to move frequently, or wish to have a job that they can do wherever they find themselves. This can be done entirely online/virtually – so they take their business with them wherever they go. Many forces spouses find that this suits them perfectly.

What to do now

If this sounds like something that would interest you, I’d love to chat and answer any questions you have! Please get in touch on 07968 378948 or email me at info@essenceakeso.co.uk. Or if you’ve already decided that you’re going to join – click here to “JOIN” and find out what is in the introductory kit.

I look foward to hearing from you.  Sue x

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