Emotional Health & Wellbeing

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Why you need to take your emotions seriously (and teach your children to do the same)

A fabulous Motherkind podcast with psychologist Kimberly Wilson. The whole podcast is very interesting – all about brain health and how stress has such detrimental effects. But the discussion on why feelings and emotions should not be ignored, was for me the most fascinating and important message here. We wouldn’t ignore a pain in our body, so why do we ignore the feelings that are trying to communicate to us the emotional pain that we don’t want to pay attention to? Pushing these feelings away, masking them or distracting ourselves from them, doesn’t get rid of them.

Showing up

What if you could really connect with your emotions and work out exactly what they were signalling to you? Another short video from the fabulous Susan David who talks about showing up to help you become less stress and overwhelmed and more emotionally agile.

Emotional Agility

Take the free Emotional Agility quiz on Susan David’s website and get a free report on how to be more effective with your thoughts and emotions, so you can come to your everyday choices and your life with more intention and insight.

Matthew McConaughey on How To Be More You

Dr Chatterjee podcast with Matthew McConaughey on how to be more authentically you. I loved this podcast and if you are interested in being true to yourself, you may be as surprised as I was with this conversation!