Cooking with dried Legumes

Something that had been on my to do list for a very long time was to start cooking legumes from dry rather than opening that convenient tin. So if you aren’t sure quite how or why you might want to do this, here’s how, why and a couple of recipes to use them! So first off what exactly is a legume? Legumes are the dry edible seeds of plants in the legume family and include lentils, peas and beans. You can buy them in dried form, tinned or you can grow your own and dehydrate them for rehydration and cooking Read More

My opinion on the herbicide Roundup

I was about to do a post on my Facebook page, then I thought no I’ll start my blog up again! Not quite the way that I planned to start it up – but sometimes you just have to get started, even though it’s not perfect! My new mantra is done is better than perfect! So my internal rant started after reading this post on Facebook by the wonderful Dr Jenny Goodman, author of the book “Staying Alive in Toxic Times”. I began to write an essay on my Facebook page, then thought why not do this as a blog post? Read More

Plants you might want to avoid touching…

Several years ago, way before I trained as an aromatherapist, I spent a Sunday afternoon tackling a very overgrown patch on my allotment.  Some parsnips that had been left behind from a previous season had gone to seed.  They were very tall and I removed them by tugging the huge stems after having snapped some of them in half. The following day my forearms had huge water filled blisters and it took me ages to work out what had happened.  I thought that I’d burned my arms on the oven, the blistering was so severe, but clearly that hadn’t happened Read More