Bespoke/Acute Aromatherapy Products

If you’re after a one-off bespoke blend or need support for an acute health situation such as a cold or an athlete’s foot infection, then Essence of Akeso can put together a product designed just for you. (If you have a chronic health condition that needs longer term support, then please opt for a clinical aromatherapy appointment as you will need a longer consultation where we can explore your health in more depth over a series of appointments to include lifestyle advice, health coaching and maybe to include nutrition advice.)

Essential oil therapy isn’t just a nice aroma. The power of plants can be harnessed to create a bespoke product just for you to help with whatever you need in your life right now. The list of therapeutic properties that botanicals have is extensive – some are anti-catarrhal or muscle relaxing, skin healing or anti-spasmodic. A wide range of ingredients are used from essential oils, hydrolats, vegetable oils, butters, waxes, salts, gels or herbs and there are many applications in which aromatherapy can be used: massage oils, a bath oil/salts, in a diffuser, a personal inhaler, a spray, in a cream, balm, scrub or with a compress.

Some examples of ways aromatherapy can support you – athlete’s foot, lip or body balm for skin condition, inhaler for respiratory infection or sinusitis, massage blend for an arthritic knee, stress support, poor sleep, and many more!

What to do next?

Click the link below to request the product. You will be required to complete a short health questionnaire and provided there is sufficient information, the appointment may not be necessary. Please complete as much as possible so that all the information that is needed is included.

New clients choose option 1 and returning clients choose option 2 – repeat.

An invoice for payment will be sent after booking. See FAQs for payment methods.

1. Bespoke Product/Acute Prescription - New Client

This option includes the following:

  • Up to 15-minute consultation if needed
  • Consultation form with relevant health information
  • Cost of products supplied will depend on cost of ingredients and number of products provided. Prices start at £20 plus postage which depends upon weight of your prescription.
  • COST: £15 PLUS product(s) and postage.
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2. Repeat Prescription Bespoke/Acute Product - Existing Client

The appointment includes the following:

  • Brief update consultation if needed
  • Price per product ranges from £20 upwards (see suggested products/price list) depending on the cost of the method of aromatherapy delivery, ingredients and number of products provided.
  • COST: Consultation update free, products cost varies and starts at £20 PLUS postage by weight/size of package.