Essence of Akeso

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy, Clinical Aromatherapy and holistic bodywork for health, vitality and life balance.

Essence of Akeso offers a holistic, science-based approach to health and wellbeing rooted in natural health. Using a highly personalised approach with the aim to finding balance to nourish both body and mind.

Would you like to improve your health and wellbeing?

I would love to support you in taking steps to optimise your health, improve your lifestyle and begin to feel more relaxed.  Everything feels so much better after a good night’s sleep and you feel calm and relaxed.

Do you have a chronic health condition?

Evidence based Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy and bespoke Clinical Aromatherapy, holistic bodywork, lifestyle coaching and mindfulness practice can help to recover harmony and regain life balance. A practical and realistic approach tailored to your needs.

Are you looking to rebalance your life and regain vitality?

Do you feel tired all the time and lack energy and motivation?

Do you have digestive issues, unresolved pain, insomnia or suffer from headaches?

These and many other conditions have poor sleep, work-life imbalance and stress as the root cause – nutritional therapy, aromatherapy, massage and mindfulness can be part of the solution.

How can I support you?

What I offer is a collection of different therapies that can support you to reset the body and mind and help you feel better.

When our bodies are in a relaxed state, pain is less noticeable and our body’s natural, innate self-healing can re-initiate, reducing pain and suffering in so many ways.

Why not book a free 10 minute discovery call to discuss how I can help you.

Clinical Services

Clinical Aromatherapy

Clinical Aromatherapy

Essential oil therapy isn’t just a nice aroma. The power of plants can be harnessed to create a bespoke blend just for you to help with whatever you need in your life right now. Clinical aromatherapists blend for a client’s specific requirements to use at home in addition to treatments in person.

Bespoke Blends


Would you like a bespoke blend like a body or facial oil for cosmetic use, then Essence of Akeso can put together a blend designed just for you. If you have a health condition that needs longer term support, then please opt for a clinical aromatherapy appointment.

Nutritional Therapy


Our bodies need good nutrition to function properly and food provides more than just nourishment. Our genes are expressed based on the information that is received from what we eat every day and can impact our health enormously.

Graduation Winter 2021!



Essence of Akeso offers a variety of Massage treatments for relaxation, sleep, reducing stress, and relief of pain and muscle tension. See here for a list of my qualifications and training. See Treatments and prices for details.

Aroma Workshop

Aromatherapy Workshops

Have you ever wanted to know more about essential oils? Essence of Akeso is planning some fabulous workshop ideas around a series of themes, involving some education and a make-and-take product.

News of the launch coming soon!

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Somebody you know need some relaxation and would benefit from the gift of massage or aromatherapy? Gift voucher service will soon be available to purchase automatically. In the meantime, please use the contact form to enquire about this service.  *Please note terms and conditions apply.



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