Habits, Behaviour change & Distractions

Resources all about habits, behaviour change and distractions. We act unconsciously in the main and if you thought addiction was just about drugs and alcohol, you might want to think again! Click the title of each article to access the resource.

How Addictive Technology Keeps You Hooked

Do you find it hard to resist the ping of a new email, the urge to scroll on social media, or watch the next episode when streaming? Do you wish you could stop checking, clicking, liking and sharing? Then put down your phone and listen to this episode of Dr Chatterjee’s podcast interviewing Professor Adam Alter. Surprise surprise, tech companies actually design their products to make it hard for us to put it down! A bit like food tech companies know that we find it hard to resist that bliss point of the perfect combination of fat and sugar. What is missing from our lives that we need to fill this hole with incessant scrolling?

How to create good habits

Wondering how to escape those pre-programmed unconscious habits that have sucked away your time and go against the values that you wish to cultivate? This short video from Susan David, author of “Emotional Agility” will show you how.

Microsteps and Rituals to Help You Thrive

So many wonderful ideas in this Dr Chatterjee podcast with the entrepreneur, author and wellbeing guru. Particularly loved the reminder of the importance of rituals in our every day life and the use of microsteps to implement positive changes in behaviour to improve health and wellbeing.

The Secret to Making New Habits Stick

How can we create new habits – and stick to them? Is it really a case of will power, motivation, then repetition? Or could there be a simpler approach? One of my very favourite Dr Chatterjee podcast’s!

How To Control Your Attention

How many times have you been distracted away from doing what you intended to do? Every day for sure! There’s some really interesting ideas on this podcast and research to show that it works!

Embrace Change with Julia Samuel

If there is any certainty in life, it is that things will never stay the same, yet so many of us struggle to embrace and accept change. In this podcast with Dr Chatterjee, Julia talks about death and grief and how we deal with loss.