Anxiety & Mental Health

Resources all about anxiety, mental health and depression. Click the title of each article to access the resource.

Coronavirus Special: How To Manage Anxiety In The Face Of A Global Pandemic with Dr Judson Brewer

Behavioural neuroscientist and psychiatrist, Judson Brewer, will help you understand how to keep your cool in these stressful times. We discuss what exactly fear and anxiety is, what happens in the brain when you start to feel anxious and, importantly, how you can break the anxiety cycle with some simple, practical exercises.

How Exercise Changes Your Brain and Reduces Your Risk of Depression with Brendon Stubbs

We now have proof that exercise is as effective as many existing interventions for preventing and treating mental health conditions, something that we have all intuitively known.

Free Social worker tools

A bunch of resources I happened to find when watching a webinar about an aromatherapist who supported young people and children with their mental health. There is so much here – a veritable treasure chest of free resources for parents and young people.